FAQ for the Tamil Nano Chair Project

What is the Tamil Nano Chair Project ?
It is a Vibrant Model Exclusively designed for Scientific Tamil Development in the 21st Century Tamils
Which Organization Runs the Project ?
The International Applied Tamil Team
How many Chairs are running currently ?
43 Chairs
What are the Domains for the TNC ?
Tamil Literature and Various Science Disciplines
What is the Future Vision for the TNC Project ?
500 Chairs including 150 for Medical Science
Who is the Chief Scientific Advisor of the TNC Project ?
Professor Dr Semmal Mustafa
MD (Physiology)
DLO (ENT Surgery)
MD (Physiology)
B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil (Pychology)
PhD (Psychoendoimmunoneurology)
Custodian of the Tamil Nano Chair Project
International Applied Tamil Team
What are the Plans available for the constitution of a chair ?
Seven Different Plans are available for the creation of a Tamil Nano Chair
Plan A – Single Permanent Corpus Fund of 35,000 Rs (Will be placed as Bank FD)
Plan B – Yearly Payment of 1800 Rs (For 12 Months)
Plan C – Standing Instruction Payment of 150 Rs Every month (Minimum 12 Months)
Plan D – Sponsor will pay the fund for an Organization to fuel the Chair
Plan E – Corpus Fund will be paid by a sponsor or organization, this fund will not be deposited as Fixed Deposit and this fund will be slowly subtracted fueling the chair (150 Rs per month) and the chair will be functioning for until the corpus recedes to Zero Balance
Plan F – Tamil Based Organizations can sign MoU with IATT and Instruct its members to do Tamil Development Activities , the funds given for these works by IATT can be pooled and when the amount reaches the threshold value of 35,000 Rs a New Chair can be Formed by the Tamil Organization.
Who will be the author of a TNC?
The Individual or the organization which fuels and establishes the chair will be the author of the chair.
Who will be the author of a chair when the original author expires?
The TNC will automatically be renamed as the Memorial Chair in the name of the author and the complete management of the chair from that point in time becomes a responsibility of the Board of Directors of IATT.
What is the frequency of the Events conducted by a TNC ?
Monthly Once (On the day selected by the Author of the Chair)
What type of Events will be conducted by a TNC ?
The Monthly events can be any one of the 4 types

  1. Tamil Nano Workshop ( In Person / In Absentia)
  2. Scientific Tamil Exams
  3. Invited Zoom Special Lecture
  4. Tamil Nano Projects

    What is the basic difference between the traditional Tamil chairs and the Tamil nano chairs?
    The Tamil nano-chairs can be established with ease based on minimal financial effort.
    What is the basic operational framework of a traditional Tamil chair?
    The person who authors the chair has to make a substantial donation to the research institute. Usually around 5 to 10 lakh INR, even the lower end will cost 1 Lakh INR, this fund will be deposited in the bank by the institute and the interest amount will be funneled into a dedicated account format. Sometimes, a minimal contribution may be added by the research agency as well. The final pool of money will be used for running the chair.

How does a Tamil nano chair operate?
The various individual Tamil Nano Chairs authored by various plans from Plan A to Plan F, will be an equal part of a large group of Tamil nano chairs placed under the Tamil Nano chair Project. The same framework as the traditional Tamil chair will be followed, from the corpus funding to the bank interest module (Only for Plan A), Other plans will gradually reach zero fuel state at the destined period. But, there is a large array of significant differences from the traditional model of Tamil Chairs.
Significant differences between the traditional Tamil chair and the Tamil nano chair are listed below,

Traditional chairs already operating in the Tamil diaspora usually conduct one event per year on the date signified by the person who authors it, but the Tamil nano chairs will be conducting 12 events per year, spaced as one event per month. The author of the chair made under the traditional format has less or virtually no control over the functioning of the chair, but under the Tamil Nano Chair design, the author of the chair will be having complete control over the chair. He / she decides the structure of the events, the date, and the time of the events, a leverage unthinkable in the traditional model.
Why does IATT Collect Funds for the Tamil Nano Chair ?
IATT creates and maintains all the Tamil Nano chairs with a larger vision. IATT will invest in the Best performing Chairs depending upon its functionality and vibrance.
How is it possible for IATT to give back more than 100 % to a chair ?
This is the greatest beauty of the Tamil Nano Chair project by IATT. The close alignment of the nano chair events with the daily proceedings and other projects of the International Applied Tamil Team will make this possible. Each paid member of IATT is eligible for claiming funds from IATT and that funds will be used for the successful additional funding of well functioning chairs.
Financial Framework of the Tamil Nano Chair

  1. The Basic Framework is Based on 150 INR
  2. Every event will be based on this numerical value only
  3. Whenever a resource person delivers a talk or a researcher does research work or completes a project he/ she will be eligible for 150 Rs remuneration compulsorily he can accept it for him or give it back to the chair for next month’s activity or give it to an orphanage or elderly home in Tamilnadu.
  4. Basic Fuel to run the chair for each month is 150 INR Only.
  5. The Fueling process can be done in any of the 5 different ways. Plan E – Corpus Fund will be paid by a sponsor or organization, this fund will not be deposited as Fixed Deposit and this fund will be slowly subtracted fueling the chair (150 Rs per month) and the chair will be functioning for until the corpus recedes to Zero Balance
    Fuel Pattern A (Plan A) – The author of the chair will pay 35.000 INR to IATT. IATT will make a FD for one year and will draw monthly fuel from the FD. This design allows the chair to run perennially in an automatic mode without the requirement for any further funding by the author.
    Fuel Pattern B (Plan B) – The author of the chair will pay once every year as a single payment for 12 months fuel of 150 X 12 = 1800 INR.
    Fuel Pattern C (Plan C) – The author of the chair will pay 150 INR every month by a standing instruction method.
    Fuel Pattern D (Plan D) – Tamil Based Organizations and Tamils Sangam’s act as the author of the chair by making a corpus fund of 35,000 INR.
    Fuel Pattern E (Plan E) – The author (Tamil Based Organizations) of the chair will constitute the chair for a fund value of 1800 INR to 35,000 INR. This will assure to fuel the chair for many consecutive months without any hindrance. During the proceedings academic material will be created by the functioning of the TNC which will be published as printed books. 100 % sales rights will be given to the author / organization authoring the chair. The financial gains procured from book sales will refill the deficit in the fund which originally fuels the chair. These chairs may grow in their corpus value based upon the successful academic contributions of the TNC. The corpus fund will never be placed as a bank deposit and will never draw interest from the bank.
    Student Project
    Any Student from Standard Five till PhD can do it.
    Student Project with the project report to be approved by the Scientific Committee of IATT
    Guest Lecture
    4 parts must be intact
    Part 1 – Invited guest lecture in Zoom portal
    Part 2 – Powerpoint screen sharing
    Part 3 – Youtube video must be processed
    Part 4 – Unicode typed article in Tamil / English

Scientific Tamil Exams
After Approval by the Examination committee of IATT
For Further Queries Contact
Prof Dr. Semmal +91 – 8939 – 4621 – 85
(Whatsapp Chat Only)